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China Motor Corp. Aims to Sell 20,000 E-Scooters in 2011

2011/09/15 | By Quincy Liang

Taipei, April 6, 2011 (CENS)--Taiwan-based automaker China Motor Corp. (CMC), the local assembler of Mitsubishis, recently claimed that its self-developed electric-scooters are now sold in Europe, and the company is developing electric-bicycle parts sales.

CMC says that it aims to win a market share of 10% in Europe for e-bike parts, which will become, along with e-scooter and -bike products, new major product line in addition to assembled cars.

CMC sold about 3,400 GreenTrans e-scooters in Taiwan in 2010 to become the biggest player in the e-scooter market on the island by winning over 60% market share, and aims to raise the volume to about 20,000 units this year.

The company said that a Dutch dealer has ordered 300 e-scooters and wishes to be CMC's e-scooter general agent in Europe.

CMC said that some 700,000 e-bikes are expected to be sold in Europe this year, and plans to sell the e-bike pack, containing lithium-ion battery pack, DC brushless motor, control unit and touch-control instrument, to Europeans for US$600 to US$800 each.

e-bikes have excellent market potential as clean, cheap transport for seniors and females. In 2008, some 500,000 e-bikes were sold in Europe and the annual volume has been increasing steadily, said CMC.