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Acer Reduces 2011 Tablet-PC Shipment Goal to 2.5 M.-3 M. Units

2011/06/24 | By Quincy Liang

Taipei, June 24, 2011 (CENS)--Acer Inc. of Taiwan, an international personal computer (PC) vendor, recently reduced its tablet-PC shipment goal for this year to 2.5 million to three million units, from five million to seven million previously.

At the shareholders meeting, Acer chairman J.T Wang said the company will likely achieve its second-quarter shipment goal, which is a 10% sequential decrease from the first quarter, with third-quarter shipments to be similar to the second-quarter volume or a bit higher, adding that performance will improve once planned restructuring is completed in the fourth quarter.

The new president Jim Wong said reducing the tablet-PC shipment goal is based on excessively high inventory level at distributors at year-end due to fierce competition.

Wang forecasts that the global notebook PC shipments will continue to see single-digit growth this year, in contrast to Acer's modestly declining shipments relative to 2010.

The chairman said high inventory is risky for players in the global PC industry. So Acer will likely reduce inventory reasonably by the end of June and further throughout the third quarter.

Reflecting inventory problems in its pan-European distribution channels, Wang said, Acer has stated a US$150 million lose in its financial report.