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Acer Founder Reads Reports on Lanci's Likely Switching to Samsung With Usual Mind

2011/07/27 | By Ken Liu

Taipei, July 27, 2011 (CENS)--When answering questions concerning reports on Gianfranco Lanci's acceptance of Samsung's job offer, Acer Founder Stan Shih yesterday said job switching is quite usual for talents and people should not feel surprised by that.

Although both the former Acer Chief Executive Officer and Samsung have denied the reports by issuing their statements, the reports have kept on circulating.

Attending a forum addressing ADOC 2.0 technology yesterday in Taipei, Shih, questioned by press media about the issue, said he had no idea about Lanci's decision and job switching is quite usual in various industries as people naturally seek better jobs and higher positions.

Industry executives believe Lanci will deal a heavy blow to Acer if he accepts Samsung's offer as Samsung is poaching talents all over the world to help it achieve the goal of becoming the world's No.1 laptop maker. Samsung is now the world's No.7 supplier whereas Acer was once No.2 before recently dropping to No.4.

Lanci was credited to Acer's success in gaining ground in laptop market with his marketing strategy. The Italy-born executive reportedly helped Acer top its rivals in European laptop market. However, some industry executives question about whether the former Acer executive's past strategy would be as effective as it was at a time when mobile computing devices are outshining laptops in the PC market.

As Lanci signed Business Strife Limitation agreement with Acer when he left a few months ago and the limitation validity will expire at end of this year, Samsung is said to make up for Lanci's loss caused by the limitation as he is reported to start leading Samsung's laptop business in August. Others said Lanci would assume the position after the limitation ends. The reports haven't been confirmed by Lanci and Samsung.

Samsung is now the world's No.1 high-tech business group by revenue. The firm's No.1 business operations include DRAM, NAND Flash, LCD and LCD TV. Its mobile phone operation is No.2, next only to Nokia. Its silicon foundry and laptop operations are still far behind Taiwan's.