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Young Shang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Wide-mouth plastic jars, PET bottles, aluminum easy-open ends, plastic molds


The Young Shang Plastic Industry Co., founded in 1969, has earned a strong reputation for quality and reliability, and is now positioned at the forefront of its industry. Its high-quality plastic products include aluminum easy-open ends, water dispensers, plastic molds, plastic jars, wide-mouth jars, PET preforms, PET/PVC/PS containers, and other plastic containers.

The company uses advanced technology and the latest equipment, including the newest-generation Nissei ASB injection-stretch-blow molding machines and two-stage blowing machines.

Young Shang supplies a variety of plastic containers and related products to markets that spread throughout the world. Its high-quality clear plastic containers come in more than 200 sizes ranging from 15cc to five gallons; and its preforms, for two-stage blowing machines, range in size from 28mm to 180mm.

Among the company's other major products are PET blow molds, plastic molds, injection molds, PET preforms, and semi-auto double seaming machines.

Young Shang currently exports 30% of its output to markets such as China, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. Annual sales amount to US$3 million.