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Ten Sheeg offers top-tier rubber, plastic foam splitting machinery and more


Photo courtesy of Ten Sheeg.
Photo courtesy of Ten Sheeg.

Ten Sheeg Machinery has upheld its values for “improvement” and “innovation” since its inception through continually investing in R&D. The company is an experienced manufacturer of splitting machinery for rubber, plastic foam material (open cell/closed cell), shoe material processing machinery, and other auxiliary treatment equipment.

Chairman Yeh Tien-fu said the company has a top-tier foundation in terms of professional technologies and abundant experience in the industry. Company morale was maintained through obtaining CE safety certification standards, serving as an incentive to improve and maintain consistent quality. This management philosophy enabled Yeh to build the basis for the best manufacturing performance across all product lines and technologies, and become the industry benchmark. Yeh emphasized that they also insisted on producing quality products and servicing to clients' satisfaction, which Yeh believes has helped them to connect with clients, foster lasting relationships, and serve as ample motivation for internal improvement.

The company produces a variety of machinery equipment, including the Bandknife splitting machine (vacuum table type), splitting machine, thermoelectric laminating machine, thermoelectric EVA and PE building up laminating machine, refrigerating rubber cooling machine, water-cooling auto slicing machine, strip cutting machine, slope splitting machine, automatic slope splitting machine, thermoelectric automatic cutting edge & conjunction m/c. These machineries can be applied in the manufacturing process of various fields, including footwear, sports gear, toys, electronics, auto parts, and packaging materials.

In the future, Ten Sheeg will continue to innovate and develop new technologies, ensure more comprehensive product quality and after-sales services to further client relations, and create not only better profits for clients, but also offer the best services.

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