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Career Industry supplies paper-tube, yarn-core making machines and peripheral processing equipment


The Taiwan-based Career Industry Corp. is a supplier and coordinator of paper-tube making equipmentwith sales and technical services, with over 20 years of experience.

Career supplies a very wide range of machinery products to meet the various requirements, including paper tube-making, paper tube winder, slitter/rewinder, and paper tube-cutting machines, as well as partiallyoriented yarn (POY) and drawn twisted yarn (DTY) finishing machines. The fi rm also helps customers build automatic production lines that are capable of handling a full production cycle of textile tubes for yarn.

Obviously a world-level supplier, the company has sold several hundreds of paper-core making machines worldwide, including China, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Mexico, India, Ecuador, and so on.

Paper-core making equipment aside, the company has also expanded its product lineup to hot-melt glue coating and laminating machines developed on the concept of environmental protection and human health. Compared to conventional models using eco-unfriendly solvent adhesive, the company's product presents the nontoxic hot-melt glue. The hot-melt glue coating and laminating machine can handle various materials such as kraft paper, plastic fi lm, metal foil, non-woven textile that are made into tags, labels, tape and medical supplies.

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