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Chen Yeh Machinery specializes in paint and printing ink turnkey equipment


Founded in 1978, Chen Yeh Machinery Co., Ltd. has been well reputed among global buyers as a reliable Taiwanese supplier of whole-plant equipment for making paint and printing ink.

The company mainly supplies coating machines; three-roller machines for production or R&D applications; single-shaft, double-shaft, and triple-shaft mixers; vertical dead mills, mixing barrels; filters, chemical equipment (chemical mixing barrels, high-pressure containers, vacuum mixers, storage systems, whole-plant equipment, heat exchangers and reactors); OEM chemical engineering systems, etc. The fi rm's production capacity ranges from 100 to 200 machines annually.

While delivering the abovementioned machine models to customers all over the world on an OEM basis, the firm also markets its self-developed millers and mixers under its own brand of “Chen Yeh,” a name having been associated by its loyal end-users with high quality and excellent functionality.

The company is particularly proud of its self-developed manufacturing technologies, which not only help enhance durability of its machines but ensure ease of operation. The company also boasts that its customers can fix machines even on their own based on instructions faxed by the company.

Presently, Chen Yeh sells approximately 60% of its total output domestically, with the remainder exported to Singapore, the Philippines, mainland China, Europe and the Middle East.

Chen Yeh Machinery Co., Ltd.

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