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High Frequency PVC Welding Machine (T-Type)
High Frequency PVC Welding Machine (T-Type)

Model:CKHP-1004 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Adjustable stroke uniform pressure, which be free from strength of pedaling, is much better than conventional one. This makes our machines easy to operate and get better quality.
* The newest "T" head which results in higher strength.
* Adjustable matching-circuit is in according to the thickness of working piece this can reduce the time of welding.
* The newest design on anti-spark which can cut off the high-frequency current when spark erupts at the first place .
* Protection from overload which can prolong the life of oscillator tube and rectifying bar.
* No interference with TV.

Raincoat, rain visor, stationery, bag, table cloth, slipper, vacuum packing, album, book protector, file, inflatable toy, and other PVC sheet welding.

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