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Plastic Parts

Plastic Parts

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

BL-732 Oblique mount, black
BL-735 1-1/4˝ oblique mount, nylon, black
BL-736 2˝ oblique mount, black
BL-734 1˝ oblique mount, black
BL-733 Oblique mount, black
BL-740 Trifurcate hooks, black
BL-731 1-1/4˝ swivel shaft, black
BL-741 Tube holder, black
BL-742 Tube holder, black
BL-719 1-1/4˝ C-shaped glide, black
BL-717 1-1/4˝ new model C-shaped glide, PE, black
BL-716 C-shaped glide, PE, black
BL-718 Old model C-shaped glide, PVC, black
BL-715 Two axle roller
BL-737 Connector, brown
BL-720 Woodenware connector, black
BL-710 Insert for aluminum pipes, black
BL-729 Hook for negative film, nylon, black
BL-728 Hook for bookshelves, brown
BL-721 Table leg, golden
BL-738 PP press pad
BL-723 60*60*23mm angle protector (L), PP, white
BL-722 Angle protector (S), white
BL-724 60*60*23mm angle protector, black
BL-727 7*8 S-shaped hook, white
BL-726 5*6 S-shaped hook, white
BL-725 5*5 S-shaped hook, white
BL-739 1˝ grip, black
BL-730 41mm PVC rigid insert with iron casing, black
BL-712 1˝ woodenware insert (25mm), black
BL-713 Unfinished mushroom knob
BL-714 1˝ roller, black
BL-709 L18*H19 PVC flexible part for glides, black, hole: 10mm
BL-711 Plug with hole, black
BL-708 H12*L25 PVC part for glides, black
BL-707 H10*L12 part for glides, black
BL-704 Suction pad, long, transparent
BL-703 M8 transparent suction pad
BL-702 M5 transparent suction pad
BL-701 Three-layer part for glides, black
BL-705 6.5mm pin, white
BL-706 7mm plug, black

Plastic Parts
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