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Nano Fuel Performance Enhancer (additive)

Nano Fuel Performance Enhancer (additive)

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Nano carbon tablet

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* As a multi-nation-patented, high-tech fuel additive for engines, “Full-Burn Fuel Economizer” is an SGS-tested additive that evidently protects and enhances engine performance, eliminates carbon fouling, saves 30% fuel, reduces 58% carbon emissions, and guarantees full combustion to be a green product.

FULL-BURN Fuel Performance Enhancer(the Product) is made by the modernist patented nanotechnology that makes the engine’s ignition and burning evenly and synchronically overcoming the problem of conventional internal combustion engine. Enhance combustion efficiency so no carbon deposit and fuel economizing effect then reached. Most importantly the emission of waste gases also has been reduced.
All kind of vehicles whatever gasoline or diesel as fuel can be applied with the Product for increasing combustion efficiency and promoting fuel utilization effect.
The Product can acquire such functions :
 Increase burning efficiency: saving 10 to 40% fuel consumption.
 Removing carbon deposit: Cleaning of combustion chamber.
 Increasing power performance up to 15%.
 Reducing waste gas emission for 10 to 40%.
 Extending mechanical life and reducing the maintenance cost.

Nano Fuel Performance Enhancer (additive)
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