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Eddy-current Centrifugal Bottle-cap Aligner
Eddy-current Centrifugal Bottle-cap Aligner

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Aligns high-volume plastic bottle caps via integrated eddy-current centrifugal and free-fall mechanisms, conveying caps to inkjet code printer or beverage/liquid filler for matching, capping when working with beverage/liquid production lines
* Quickly sets huge numbers of plastic bottle caps; also made-to-order for specific applications ranging 3,500~12,000pcs/min capacity
* Suitable for high-volume production lines as those in food & beverage, liquid chemicals and cosmeceuticals that turn out bottled mineral water, beverages, cleaners, detergents, sterilizers, shampoo, medicinal cleansers etc.

Eddy-current Centrifugal Bottle-cap Aligner

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