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Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter

Model:FG-1012~HGC-4119L Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Fuel Filters
A-77 FG-1012 5/16"X 3/8" X 5/16" REF. '01~'02 FORD. TAURUS FORD: 1F1Z-9155AD MOTORDCRAFT: FG-1012 FRAM:G8861 PURO:F65500
A-78 HGC-491 100 X φ86 '00~'01 DODGE RAM TURBO DIESEL (AS-156) REF. PURO.F55360 CHRY.05015581AB FRAM:CS8941 HASTING: FF1093
A-79 HG-831 3/8"X3/8" Φ55X118L REF. AC:GF-831 15015509 FGAM:G9344 HASTING:GF344
A-80 HGC-492 3/8" φ55 REF. '97~'00 NEON CHRY. 4546610
A-81 HGC-493 φ97.7X102.5Xφ92 φ97Xφ107X3.8T AS-133 P14 REF. PURO:F59201 CHRY.04883963AB HASTING:FF1086 FRAM:CS8323
A-82 HG-822 3/8" IN RT 5/16" FUEL REGULATOR Φ55X146.5L OUT 3/8' QUICK CONNECT FITTING REF. GM10299146 AC:GF-822 F55493
A-83 HF-1036 3/8" IN VAPOR 5/16" 3/8" OUT φ51.3X179L REF. MOTORCRAFT:FG-1036 FRAM:G9343 PURO.:F65472
A-84 HG-829 RTN 3/8" OUT 5/16" Φ55X191L FUEL REGULATOR 3/8" IN REF. AC-GF829 GM-12476276 F65501
A-85 HGC-4119L 5/16" 3/8" 5/16" REF. HASTING: GF348 PURO.: F55529 FRAM:G9272 REF. CHRYSLER 4809118AC AD

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