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Characteristics of Machine

Characteristics of Machine

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

. This machine was designed for the production of PET bottles for non-carbonated drinks. It integrated three functions:bottle washing, filling, and sealing, thus reducing costs in labor and equipment and preventing contamination in process.

. Intake air belt and all units of machine hang bottle necks to feed, successfully solving the problem of tilting bottles while they are being conveyed.
The machine has C. I. P rinse function so as to effectively clean and fill barrels and pipes.
The casing is made of stainless stell. It is easy to wash and clean and conforms to the food GMP standard of Taiwan.

. The PC transparent outer casing makes it easy and convenient to see through, and provides an extra layer of protection for operators.

. The machine is equipped with poerator- and machine-controlled interfaces, making possible convenient operation, convenient and easy adjustment of production capacity, providing control signals to achieve total monitoring.

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