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Induction Voltage Regulator

Induction Voltage Regulator

Country of Origin:
China, Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1. Interior consists of brushless type components : Long time usage
2. Control board w/ precies logic circuit& components: Output Accuracy is +/-1%
3. Protection: Current & short circuit protection, Loss & Reversing protection, output over voltage & low voltag protection, Over temp. protection
4. Taiwan China Steel Co.high magnet flux stainless sheet, minimize the loss of no load & load loss, and no-load loss.
5. Module design: easy to do the maintenance.
6. Alarming system for :surge voltage, over-low voltage, overload, out of gas and loss phase and etc; the cause of breakdown will indicate on the panel.
7. Induction type can be manufacturer over 10,000KVA

Frequency: 57Hz~63Hz
2. Input Voltage Range: ±15(±20%~50%, OEM acceptable)
3. Output Accuracy:±1%(±0.5%~±10% is acceptable)
4. Reaction:0.1 sec.
5. Wave form Distortion: Sine Wave isn't distorted
6. Effiency:97%
7. LED Display & Membrane Switch Panel: Input & output, load current are displayed by LED so it’s precise and easy to read. If there’s abnormal, it will light on the panel.
8. Overload Capacity: 150% 120 min.; 300% 60 min.
9. Noice: <60db, Temp.: -20℃~45℃, Humidity: 0~95%
10. Temp. Rise: under 50℃

1. Automatic, Electronic, Manual adjustment
2. Step-up time adjustment (0.1 ~ 0.5 minute available)
3. Step-down time adjustment (0.1 ~ 0.5 minute available)

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