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Tissue machine

Tissue machine

JY-330B-2T Series - Paper Napkin Making Machine
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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The Tissue Machine has several special features:

Folder Producing a Large Variety of Products
♦This is a folder which continuously converts tissue paper, thick paper, non-woven fabric or other materials from the parent roll into various shapes as shown below at the rate of 500 ~ 600 sheets/min per deck.

Fashionable and High Quality Table Napkin
♦This Tissue machine is a rotary folder to which printing and embossing units are connected to produce beautiful lunch and dinner napkins through continuous processes of printing, embossing, folding and cutting of paper from the parent roll.
♦This machine is highly regarded in the converting industry for producing high quality table napkins.

No. of Lane: 4 Lane (2 Deck)
Folding System: Mechanical
Unfold Size (L x W): 200mm x 200mm ~ 430 x 430mm (select one size or option more sizes)
Folded Size (L x W): As buyer requested
Folded Type: 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, N, M, Z Folds
Capacity: 800 ~ 1200 sheets/min
Embossing Unit: Can supply 1 ~ 2 sets of steel/paper roll
Tissue Machine Converting Web: 1 ~ 3 ply napkin paper, with modifications can convert non-woven or air-laid.
Parent Roll Width: 400mm ~ 8600mm
Parent Roll Diameter: Ø1,500 mm (Max.)

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