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Compact Precision CNC Micro-Percussion Stylus Marking Machine

Compact Precision CNC Micro-Percussion Stylus Marking Machine

MarcoPolo MP5
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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Stand alone design, no extra PC needed., Compact size, Controller separated with marking head,
Suitable for automation installation, 110/200 volt power auto shift.
User friendly software, use keyboard to operate it easily in the 5.7” color TFT-LCD screen included the 3rd axis rotary marking option.
Above 160M memory space with file management function can save at least 20,000 files, USB slot for PLT drawing importing and file saving.
With VGA port for extra monitor, RS232 and I/O for PLC or PC communication marking.
Apply marking on mold, car part, tooling, metal industrial etc. The marking workpiece’s surface hardness can go up to Max. HRC63.

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