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Model:SB Country of Origin:U.S.A.

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Automatic Search Files and Backup with USB Hard Drive
FarStone SyncBee™ is an intuitive easy-to-use file backup and synchronization solution; Just insert SyncBee, it will start searching all of your personal files and backing up to SyncBee USB hard drive
Automatical search & backup
Back up & sync multiple computers
Plug & play, no installation needed, no learning curve
Backup without disturbing your work
Automatically search and catagorize all of your personal files on all hard drives
Back up open files
Does not change any registries on your system
One-way or two-way Sync
Back up only changes to your files
Automatically merge recovery points to save space
Password protection
High-Speed USB 3.0 Drive (USB 2.0 compatible)

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