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Medium Duty Precision Lathe
Medium Duty Precision Lathe

Model:HL 660/ 760 / 860 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

•Bed ways are made of meehanite casting, high frequency heat-treatment and precise grinding.

•Longitudinal and cross feed overload safety device. If the carriage meets any obstruction on the bed,

the overload safety device will release and prevent feet from damage.

•The emergency bake pedal can be used for cutting the power and stopping the machine immediately;

thus it frees danger and raises working efficiency.

•The strong and rigid tailstock is easy to move and ensures maximum cutting accuracy for long-distance

support with quick acting clamp lever.

•The spindle is 3 pointed type which is supported by precision tapper roller bearings.

•Cross slide with heat treatment and are finished with precision grinding to increase working life over 3 times.

Leasd screw is designed with immersing style, which reduces abradsion.

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