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SENFUN Motorcycle Windshield
SENFUN Motorcycle Windshield

Model:101102 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:PC Color:Blue

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Design concept:
1. Unique fashion style: Perfect arc, streamline shape for the line of motorbike.
2. Solid structure: Iron parts combine with strengthened plastic material. Effectively anti-seismic design.
3. Impact resistance shield: High penetrability/ Durable industrial PC and won’t be broken easily.
4. Scratch and water resistant: Hardener coated on both surface of the windshield, clear line of sight in rainy day, won’t be scratched easily, and easy to clean.
5. Changeable style: Change your preferred windshield anytime.
6. Patented adjustable feature: Anti-fall-off design, and adjustable angle.
7. Non acute-angle Design: No exposed screws and plates to prevent from accidental injury.

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