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Tubular Lock

Tubular Lock

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The tubular lock is designed with 7 pin tumbler mechanism, and the key may be withdrawn in one or both positions. Besides, it can be made in different size as you demand. Various cam configurations and rotations are also available. The cam of the tubular lock is affixed by nut, and the hex nut is mounted with standard production procedure. Various cam configurations, rotations and the size are available.

Our product is ideal for your need of security purposes. The applications of the tubular lock are various; for example, it can be used to lockers, metal and wooden cabinets, vending or gaming machines, desktop computers or any other machines or security devices. Besides, instead of one row of pins, they have pins positioned all the way around the circumference of the cylinder plug. This makes them much harder to pick.

With well-arranged structure, and the durable material that we choose, Vance provides an alternative choice on the tubular lock for you. If you are interested in our lock products, please send your inquiry today! 

• Brass housing and cylinder.
• Bright chrome plated standard.
• 7 pin tumbler mechanism.
• Steel made tubular keys, nickel plated.
• Key may be withdrawn in one or both positions.
• Different sizes available.
• Various cam configurations and rotations available.
• Cam is affixed by nut.
• Hex nut mounted.
• 10,000 combinations available.

Tubular Lock
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