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Fuel  pump

Fuel pump

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

OE NO: GENERAL MOTORS: 90297154;90322493;93187033;OPEL:0815012;0815073;815012;815073;90297154;90322493;90543886;90573830;VAUXHALL:0815073;815073

Other reference: BOSCH:0580453509;STANDARD:31538;TOPRAN:201613;FISPA:20509;MAGNETI MARELLI:431343070001;HOFFER:7506509;VEMO:V40-09-0313;QUINTON HAZELL:QFP642;MEAT & DORIA:76509;KAGER:52-0078;BBT:EFP700;JP GROUP:880815012;MAPCO:22715

Application: OPEL COMBO (71_);OPEL KADETT E (39_, 49_);OPEL KADETT E Convertible (43B_);OPEL KADETT E Estate (35_, 36_, 45_, 46_) ;OPEL KADETT E Hatchback (33_, 34_, 43_, 44_);OPEL CORSA A TR (91_, 92_, 96_, 97_);OPEL CORSA A Hatchback (93_, 94_, 98_, 99_);OPEL CORSA B (73_, 78_, 79_);OPEL ASCONA C (81_, 86_, 87_, 88_);OPEL ASCONA C Hatchback (84_, 89_);OPEL ASTRA F (56_, 57_);OPEL ASTRA F Hatchback (53_, 54_, 58_, 59_);OPEL VECTRA A (86_, 87_);OPEL VECTRA B Hatchback (38_);OPEL VECTRA B (36_);OPEL VECTRA B Estate (31_);OPEL ASTRA G Hatchback (F48_, F08_);OPEL ASTRA G Estate (F35_);OPEL ASTRA F Estate (51_, 52_);OPEL VECTRA A Hatchback (88_, 89_);OPEL ASTRA G Saloon (F69_);OPEL ASTRA F Van (55_);OPEL KADETT E Box (37_, 47_);OPEL ASTRA G Box (F70);OPEL CORSA B Box (73_);OPEL ASTRA F CLASSIC Saloon;OPEL ASTRA F CLASSIC Hatchback;OPEL ASTRA F CLASSIC Estate;VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Hatchback;VAUXHALL ASRA Mk III (F) Estate;VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk III (87);VAUXHALL CORSA Mk II (B);VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk III Hatchback;VAUXHALL VECTRA (B);VAUXHALL VECTRA (B) Hatchback;VAUXHALL VECTRA (B) Estate;VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk IV (G) Hatchback;VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk IV (G);VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk IV (G) Estate;VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F);VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Convertible;VAUXHALL CORSAVAN Mk II

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