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8” Press Machine(Direct Aluminium Extrusion)

8” Press Machine(Direct Aluminium Extrusion)

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Our Zhonglun plant is equipped with 5 production lines: Direct Aluminium extruders: 690 US TON (2), 930 US TON (1); interactive Aluminium extruders: 930 US TON & 1880 US TON

Houying plant has 3 production lines: Interactive Aluminium extruders: 1100 US TON (1); direct Aluminium extruders: 2300 US TON (1) & 3650 US TON (1)

Equipped with testing apparatus required for ISO certified products as below, we turn out aluminum extrusions meeting CNS 2257 quality regulations: including metallurgical microscope, universal material tester, compression-resistance tester, Rockwell hardness tester, electronic balance, Webster sclerometer, coating thickness tester, block gauge, vernier scale, micrometer, thickness gauge etc.

High speed bar saw, mold preheating furnace, aluminum billet heating furnace, stretcher, straightener, output saw, T4 heat treating furnace, aging furnace, and annealing furnace

8” Press Machine(Direct Aluminium Extrusion)

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