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Fuel pump
Fuel pump

Model:SDZ-14326 Country of Origin:China

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

OE NO: MERCEDES-BENZ:0004705994;0004706094;0004706794;0004707894;0004709594;0004780001;2024709994;A0004705994;A0004706094;A0004706794;A0004707894;A0004709594;A0004780001;A2024709994

Other reference NO: BOSCH:0986580372;BBT:EFP402;DELPHI:FE10083-12B1;PIERBURG:7.22156.50.0;QUINTON HAZELL:QFP795;TOPRAN:400901;VEMO:V30-09-0006;MEYLE:0149190000;SIDAT:70074;FISPA:20074;HOFFER:7506099;KAGER:52-0090;MEAT & DORIA:76099;VALEO:347306;STANDARD:31578

Application: PUCH G-MODELL (W 463) G 500;MERCEDES BENZ COUPE (C124) 320 CE (124.052);MERCEDES BENZ SL (R129) 600 (129.076);MERCEDES BENZ S-CLASS Coupe (C140) SEC/CL 500 (140.070);MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS (W124) E 200 (124.019);MERCEDES BENZ G-CLASS (W463) G 500 (463.247, 463.248, 463.249, 463.240, 463.421);MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS (W202) C 230 Kompressor (202.024);MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS (W210) E 320 4-matic (210.082);MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS (W210) E 280 4-matic (210.081);MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS Estate (S202) C 200 T Kompressor (202.082);MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS Estate (S210) E 430 T (210.270);MERCEDES BENZ SLK (R170) 230 Kompressor (170.447);MERCEDES BENZ CLK (C208) 230 Kompressor (208.347);MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS Coupe (C124) E 36 AMG (124.052);MERCEDES BENZ CLK Convertible (A208) 55 AMG (208.474);MERCEDES BENZ S-CLASS (W220) S 280 (220.063, 220.163);MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS Convertible (A124) E 320 (124.066);MERCEDES BENZ S-CLASS Coupe (C215) CL 600 (215.378)

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