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Conductive Fabric Cloth Touch Pen with Ball Pen

Conductive Fabric Cloth Touch Pen with Ball Pen

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.Classic type ball pen
2.Build in conductive touch pen inside
3.The middle mechanism is original design, unique, special, never don

•Patented Electrice Conduction Fiber Pen Tip: Taiwan Japan USA and China
•No interruption even when you have long embedded nail or French nail polish or wearing hand gloves.
•Soft tip writing is highly identified and recognized.
•It can be write or graphic key-in any recognized.
•It easy to key-in on for iphone or ipad
•High quality metal and surface finished with exceptional tip design, tip as sensitive and sharp, easy to write, leading of fashion trends.
•Tips are design intimately to clip on pocket.
•Tip can be wash by detergent liquid or clean water
•Our product durability is more lasting than any rubber tip products in the markets and compatible to for iphone or ipad and any other touch screen products, can enhance your graphics and MSN notes efficiently convenience.

•Touch Pen Patent Certificate:

•China: Approved, Patent number ZL 2010 2 0259850.0
•USA: Pending, application 2007
•TW: Approved, Patent number M 393735
•Japan: Pending, application 2007

Brand Name: Conductive Fabric Cloth Touch Pen with Ball Pen
Model Number: IP-03-1
China Patent: ZL 2010 2 0259850.0
Taiwan Patent: M393735
Patent Pending: USA, Japan
Color: Black, White
Length: 135mm
Weight: 36g

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