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Multi-functional Access Control System
Multi-functional Access Control System

Model:Roomis Q Country of Origin:Taiwan Color:Black background

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

‧5 - inch LED touch panel with user-friendly interface , easy to understand application service
‧Built-in microphone, offer rapid communication service with intercom
‧2 sets of DI & DO. One of DO comes with 12V(1A), directly controlling magnetic lock switch and so on
‧The embedded camera and RFID reader completely record people's entry and exit
‧Intelligent e-board: display real-time information such as text, picture and video clips. Unlimited Communication
‧RGB Full Color LED light bar. Customize light bar based on your needs
‧The innovative applications such as space booking, service calling, real-time information meet demands of
integrated multi-functional services
‧This small integration is applicable to office, conference, classroom and even your lovely house
‧The special accessories of hanging rack and table rack are suitable for all installation environments
‧Offer comprehensive after-sales service, 1-year warranty

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