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Isolation Swithces

Isolation Swithces


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Isolation Switches is with well designed contact for wiring easily, and qualified contact point for bearing heavy impacting, further, we use the metal column that makes the switch operated longer . About the protesting rate, it’s IP55. The switch handle is circle shaft, and the length is adjustable, the color include red、yellow, according to the current capacity that divide into 7 types:10~100A
1. Type: P5 Circuit shaft(65*65mm)
2. Position: O / I / ON / OFF
3. Capacity: A: 10A, B: 16A, C: 25A, D: 32A, E: 63A, F: 80A, G: 100A
4. Circuit: we have the standard, and can make customization.
5. Column Quartet length:
* L1: 150mm (compatible the depth of box 208.5mm)
* L2: 200mm (compatible the depth of box 258.5mm)
* L3: 300mm (compatible the depth of box 358.5mm)

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