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ublox 6 Slim, Easy to Use
ublox 6 Slim, Easy to Use

Model:GM-635 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

GM-635 is equipped with -161dBm engine and measures just 35x8x6.5 (mm). The slim design allows it to be used in thickness demanding devices. The built-in USB interface makes it very easy to integrate with modern USB-rich devices such as notebook PC etc. The UART option allows it to be integrated in traditional GPS applications.
Our experienced design provides not only fast acquisitions and excellent tracking performance but also quality and delivery assurance.
_ USB or UART interface
_ Built-in GPS patch antenna
_I-PEX RF connector for external antenna
_ External active/passive antenna option
_ Easy to use 6-pin connector
_ -161dBm tracking sensitivity

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