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Standard Pack
Standard Pack

Model:Std pack Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

 Safety & Environment:
 Free of lead and sulfuric acid pollution.
 Free of Li-Co unsafe characteristics.
 Cycle Life & Durability
 Projected cycle life of PSI battery > 10~20 years.
 Tolerant of high operating temperature and LiFePO4 battery cell achieves optimal performance at 35ºC.
 High-rate Charge / Discharge:
 LiFePO4 offers impressive high-rate charge and discharge performance; such characteristic makes it ideal for UPS applications
 Portability:
 66% lighter than lead-acid given identical capacity. Thus, requiring less peripheral support and is much more portable.
 Compatibility & Maintenance:
 Compatible with existing lead-acid charger provided with the same charging voltage.

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