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Precision and Cost-Saving
Water or oil is crucial to mechanical processing or transmission. In order to maximize quality, as well as the precision and stability of processing and transmission, it is imperative to keep water or oil optimally cool, clean, fresh, and pure. The corporation achieves an increase in profits by maximizing machine service life, processing efficiency, and sow grain moving rates. At the same time, however, it is also critical for the corporation to reduce the water and oil consumption in light of the rising prices of natural resources nowadays. “Big return on a small investment” is the core value that this equipment contributes to the user.

Labor-Saving and Cleanness
Neither labor for cleaning nor consumables for filtration are required; however, emptying or replacing the fully filled drum/tank is necessary because the metal powders and bits brought out by the maximized absorption magnetic roller automatically fall into the collection drum and the purified water or oil is drained into the collection tank for reuse. Under the circumstances, labor costs are minimized to the extreme and the laborer better enjoys work without getting dirty. Such a simple operation system and thorough collection of tainted substances keep production lines and factories clean and tidy. This machine has minimal electric consumption, requires no consumables, and produces no contaminants, which are usually incurred by using consumables.

Patent Technology
The magnetic circuit is made by Computer Aided Design (CAD); the most advanced technology material – hard magnet is adopted and the magnetic field gradient of the absorption area and flux density of the magnetic roller surface are maximized to the extreme. The metal particles are eventually driven by the maximized magnetic field gradient toward the magnetic roller so as to be absorbed to the surface thereof. The metal particles, which are strongly absorbed into the surface of the magnetic roller, where the maximized flux density is up to 4800 Gauss, shall not be driven to fall into the liquid by the force of the moving roller or the floating currents. Elimination of the metal particles is maximized to 99% by the patent technology.

Long Service Life & Fewest Breakdowns
This machine is made of stainless SUS304 material for anti-rusting and anti-permeability. The roller is made of a Japan-made stainless tube whose surface passes through titanium nitride treatment so as to attain the hardness of Hv2000 that assures a long service life. Combination of the latest and most powerful rare earth magnet, which serves as the core magnetic material, and its special magnetic circuit design maximizes the strong magnetic fields to the extreme so as to have even magnetism and minimizes the weak magnetic fields to the extreme so as to effectively disengage the powder.
The rubber bar is made of Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) for long-term wear and tear. The twin-gear and twin-chain transmission can withstand operation in the long run. The motor of Sumitomo, Japan is installed to assure its quality. To sum up, this machine has the advantages of serviceability, stability, safety, cost-efficiency, and performance maximization.

Eco-Awareness and Corporate Responsibility
As far as an individual or a corporation is concerned, a radical conviction seeks to spare all efforts to protect the environment. It is only through minimizing or eliminating the production of pollutants and minimizing natural resource consumption that humans can be harmonized with nature. Recycling water or oil is among the most effective measures that protect the earth. This machine is devoted to all aspects of environmental protection as it can recycle 90% of the materials utilized for its operation. It can remove metals, which are noxious to the environment, from such mediums as water or oil from the cooling process or transmission system so that the water or oil can be recycled for repeated use.

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