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Model:BEAVER II Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Galvanized plate Color:BLACK

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Body made of high strength galvanized steel with textured paint for rust
•The main body parts are made of high strength steel-alloy components; ensuring accuracy of parts and precise printout.
•New extrusion nozzle structure with pressing bearing shrapnel device, make more smooth surface printout.
•Using POM nozzle injection molded parts, its unique self-lubricating makes printing more smoothly, wear resistance and high temperature resistance makes nozzle structure is more robust and reliable.
•Special heating platform, ensure printing accurancy.
•Upgrated motor driver board, 1/16 micro-stepping motor control, make moving more stable, precise position.
•Independent operation system: auto feeding filament system and cool down tempature afer working.

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