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T8 Tube
T8 Tube

Model:76090069/76090070/ 76090067 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Plastic Color:White

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Energy Saving: Compared with hot traditional lamps, LED lamps coolly convert electricity to light with great efficiency, and heavily reduce energy waste.
Long Lifespan: With a product lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours—10 times that of a traditional fluorescent lamp—labor costs are also reduced.
Durable: Utilizes a durable epoxy body rather than a traditional glass tube.
Convenient: Measurements are designed for optimal compatibility to easily replace traditional lamps.
Super Eco-Friendly: Does not contain mercury or lead.
Low heat output: This lamp operates at below 40°C at room temperature, whereas traditional fluorescent lamps normally run at 65°C to 70°C. The lamp's low heat output helps maintain room temperature and reduces the need for air conditioning.


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