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Semi-Automatic Circulation - A/C System Flush Machine(+Connector Set)
Semi-Automatic Circulation - A/C System Flush Machine(+Connector Set)

Model:HW-02HF + HW-03 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* By air pressure-no sparkles and safety.
2.Use the air pressure to take away dirt inside the A/C pipe circuit.
3.Double filter design, filter out dirt of inside tube and it is visible.
4.The best design is the circulation of cleaner. Clean A/C system again and again.
5.The leakage of the system can be easily detected by liquid pressure or air pressure.
6.After Cleaning, the lives of the compressor and the cooling system can be effectively extended. This maintenance procedure is highly recommended.
7.Match HW-1000 cleaner with HW-03 Universal Connector to achieve high efficiency.
8.It is very easy to operate.

Capacity: 2L
Used pressure: 5_7 kg/cm2
Power: Air pressure
Machine Size: 300※230※600
N.W.: 7 KGS
G.W.: 9 KGS

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