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MK350N Plus Spectrometer(EOL)
MK350N Plus Spectrometer(EOL)

Model:MK350N Plus Spectrometer(EOL) Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:ABS Color:Black

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

UPRtek MK350N PLUS is the 2ed generation of MK350N product. The features of the MK350N PLUS Handheld Spectrometer is not only reserved the advantages of previous products and also added new flicker measurement and color correction filters function to highlight the product. The light weight design and the measurement data which appear instantly without computer connection solutions both enhance the usage experience. 3.5-inch colored touch screen and simple interface keep up with the times. Measuring is made easy like never before. This point and easy learn experience affected in brand stickiness of users. MK350N PLUS provides CRI (Color Rendering Index)、CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), Color Quality Scale (CQS ), Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI ), percent flicker, LUX (Illuminance), S/P ratio for human eyes’ photonic light levels in bright light and scotopic light levels in very dark situations, 40 major functions and color correction filter features. It keeps an eye on the lights you see to determine what LED applications with traditional fluorescent and tungsten lamp for your eyes really need. MK350N PLUS is now the must have tool of the market vacancies.

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