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Chair Legs/ stool footrest rings

Chair Legs/ stool footrest rings

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OA chair bases/ OA chair legs / stool footrest rings/K/D furniture
IC-39500 18"

Experiences in OEM and Material Engineering Cheng stressed that the company has successfully invented the knob-free footrest ring,patent pending in the U.S. and the U.K., mostly due to its rich experience in OEM (original equipment manufacturing) with foreign partners, and material engineering.

Established in 1998 in Taichung City, central Taiwan, In Cheng started out by making display stands, and later was contracted by a large American customer on OEM basis, which gradually sharpened its manufacturing and materials engineering capabilities. Through learning by doing, In Cheng is adept at applying various techniques in production depending on material, as well as developing material composites to enhance product functionality and value, said Cheng.

Amid Taiwan's continually sapped competitiveness in the furniture industry, Cheng floated the idea during this interview that it is time for operators to tap teamwork to achieve vertical integration throughout the industry, so that Taiwanese suppliers can better compete against underselling rivals in the global market. To that end, the industry veteran said, smaller companies should focus on sharpening core competencies and R&D ability to raise added-value in parts and components for larger local firms, while furniture makers should share business opportunities and build long-term partnerships with contract suppliers; meanwhile In Cheng will be headed towards contributing to sustainable development of the industry.

Chair Legs/ stool footrest rings
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