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Slide Type wire wound Power resistor
Slide Type wire wound Power resistor

Model:SS Resistor series Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Get Slide-Type Wire-Wound Power Resistor in your exact specifications.
A tubular ceramic form has copper-alloy or chromium-alloy windings as a resistance element, with the resistor mount attachment method the same as the other resistors described. Except for the sliding contact surface on the windings, the entire component is coated with a high-temperature non-flammable resin. The adjustment mechanism is a rotating point that slides directly on the resistance element, which allows variation of the resistance value (See the specifications of the DR series and VR series for exact features). Suitable for education, testing, load simulations, automation control installations, etc. For custom specifications, please contact us to discuss the details.

‧Type: Fixed Resistor
‧Technology: Ceramic Composition
‧Resistance: 0.5~13K ohm,0.5~200 ohm
‧Rated Power: 200~1300W,300~2000W
‧Assembly Method: Horizontal Mount/Vertical Mount/No Mount
‧Resistance Tolerance: 10%
‧Place of Origin: Taiwan
‧Brand Name: YESO
‧Model Number: BSR, BSQ, BXD, BXS-A, BXS-B

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