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Tumbler Lock
Tumbler Lock

Model:Z418D Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The tumbler lock manufactured by Vance is a great choice suitable for situations in need of security. The cam is affixed by screw, and the key is designed with zinc alloy die cast housing and cylinder. The tumbler lock is ideal for security devices like gaming machine, vending machine, computers or cabinets.

There are three main different types of the lock, including pin, disc, and wafer tumbler lock. They are widely used in various industries. We provide 200 combinations with various cam configurations and rotations for the lock, so the key may be withdrawn in one or both positions. Providing you a sense of security is our greatest pleasure.

As a professional lock manufacturer, we are glad to offer you the best. If you have any question about locks or want information in detail about our tumbler lock please send us inquiry. We are happy to serve you. No matter what you need, Vance is always here to provide you the best. 

• Zinc alloy die cast housing and cylinder.
• Bright chrome plated standard.
• 5 disc tumbler mechanism.
• Brass keys, nickel plated.
• Key may be withdrawn in one or both positions.
• Various cam configurations and rotations available.
• Cam is affixed by screw.
• Hex nut or speed clip mounted.
• 200 combinations available.

Tumbler Lock
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