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Dimple Lock
Dimple Lock

Model:B722D Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The B722D dimple lock is ideal for various applications, and the lock is available for low to high security devices. In this series, the product has 9 pin tumbler mechanism, and the key withdrawals in only one position. The whole locking system has brass housing and cylinder with bright chrome plated standard. Besides, the key has hex nut mounted to increase the security issue.

We have 10,000 combinations for the keys and dimple lock, and each of them has the same housing and cylinder with brass. Moreover, the bright chrome plated standard makes the product more stable and durable when using. If you are interested in our product, please feel free and contact us for more information!

• Brass housing and cylinder.
• Bright chrome plated standard.
• 9 pin tumbler mechanism.
• Brass keys, nickel plated.
• Key withdrawals in one position only.
• Cam is affixed by nut.
• Hex nut mounted.
• 10,000 combinations available.

Dimple Lock
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