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Leather Wheel

Leather Wheel

Country of Origin:
cowhide material

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Material: cowhide material, leather cross-section is intact and tight, also has good elasticity, strength and process plasticity, has a certain waterproof, and high gloss, uniform skin color, wear resistance, the texture of cowhide is generally very slippery Cool and flexible

Size: cowhide grinding head 3*4mm (bullet head), cowhide grinding head 3*5mm (bullet head), cowhide grinding head 3*6mm (bullet head), cowhide grinding head 3*8mm (bullet head), cowhide grinding head 3 *10mm (bullet head). Cowhide Grinding Head 3*4mm (Cylinder), Cowhide 3*5mm (Cylinder) Cowhide 3*6 (Cylinder) mm, Cowhide Grinding Head 3*8 (Cylinder) mm, Cowhide Grinding Head 3*10mm (Cylinder), Cowhide 3* 12mm (cylindrical). Cowhide 3*20mm (T type)

Features: Cowhide polishing head, high hardness, high wear resistance, not easy to wear. Widely applicable and superior performance. Original fine grinding and polishing process of cylinder, bullet and T-shaped design
Widely used: non-metals such as various metals, jade, wood, cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum and marble

Package content: 12 pieces as a set

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