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Roof Visor, Rear Window Visor, car accessories
Roof Visor, Rear Window Visor, car accessories

Model:SG-Ho69 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:PMMA Color:smoke

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1. The latest carbon fiber structure computer color shape,
good sun guards effect, fashionable, and the best choice
for auto convert.
2. Window deflectors let’s you drive with window open and
stops, rain and mud from getting in and get fresh air at
the same time, reduces interior hear when parked, keeps
side windows dry even when raining, drive and stop out
side noise from coming in.
3. Smoke side window deflector, made from tinted cast
acrylic, easy to put in, no tools, no drilling.
4. Installs quickly and easily inside your window channel
using a precision machined, micro thin mounting flange.
* Specification :
Custom-made, insulated folding heat shields help reduce
interior temperature and protect your vehicle’s interior,
seats and dash from the damaging rays of sun and heat
that penetrate the windshield

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