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Box-Motion Auto-Packaging Machine
Box-Motion Auto-Packaging Machine

Model:400SCR Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Capable of wrapping endless different products in the food sectors.
Ideal for products such as Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Nougat other solid products.
Machine Dimensions and Weight: L410*W109*H161cm
Net Weight (N.W.Kg):1100
Gross Weight (G.W.Kg): 1400
Voltage (V): 220V
Main Motor (HP): 3(DC)
Electric Heater (KW): 750W ×1 220VAC
Electric Heater (KW): 2.4KW 220V
Control System: Color Touch Screen Operator Interface
Frequency (HZ):60
Safety Device:Emergency Stop Button
Sealing Mode: Continuous sealing with heated crimp wheel and straight bar end seal
Sealing Structure: Adjustable rotating end seal bar, width 200mm
Sealing sides: Seal By Three Sides
Packing Speed (Bags/min):25 -120 (Depending on packing size and material)
Max. Width of Packing Material (mm): 500
Min. and Max. Packing Length (mm): 120 - 320
Min. and Max. Packing Width (mm): 45 - 140
Min. and Max. Packing Height (mm): 5 - 140

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