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Lawn Aerator Shoe/Aerateur de gazon
Lawn Aerator Shoe/Aerateur de gazon Hot

Model:LAS-01 Aerateur de gazon Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:STEEL /PP Color:BLACK

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Garden Lawn Care Spike Aerator Sandals Shoes With 26 Spikes To Allow Your Grass To Breathe
Lawn Aerator Shoe

Loosing and aerating the compact turf and soil simply by walking with the lawn aerator shoe on your lawn. Sharp spikes of the aerator sandal punches holes in the soil to provide paths for air, water and nutrients to reach plant roots.

Taiwan Made Aerateur de gazon/ Rasenbelufter/ Rasen beluften sandalen/ Lawn Grass Sod Walking Aerator Spike Strap Shoes Sandal

Lawn Aerator Shoe/Aerateur de gazon
Company: YARISE CO., LTD.
Contact Person: Joyce Lee (Sales)
Gavin Liu

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