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Thermoplastic Two-Color Static Injection Molding Machine

Thermoplastic Two-Color Static Injection Molding Machine

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

【Special Features】
● Automatic open/close mold system can detect precise position on a smooth closing and opening of mold, thus extend the lifetime of molds as well as shorten the operating time to reach higher production.
● The machine is set with unique rotary head that turn the head fast and positioned precisely and provides several production module.
● The sufficient clamping force of machine secures a perfect molding without burr in order to avoid further manual trimming. Productivity enhances and capital returns quickly.
● Barrel temperature is controlled with P.I.D. system to reach optimal dispersion effect.
● Each feeding unit is with independent nozzle, the flow of material is not interfered and colors are not mingled.
● With mold cooling system, cooling time is shortened and productivity is enhanced.

Company: TIEN KANG CO., LTD.

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