Gantry Hydraulic Welding Machine 
(For Grille Board Use Only )

Gantry Hydraulic Welding Machine (For Grille Board Use Only )



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Detail Specifications / Descriptions
(1) The buyer should prepare below:
1. Supply voltage of transformer:11KV(11000V)
2. Transformer:1600KVA×1 set
3. No fuse switch:2000Amp 3P×2 sets (Ø3 phase)
4. Cooling water tank:30 tons
5. Cooling pump motor:2HP
6. Cooling water recycle:to be delivered to the cooling water tank from the pool
7. Air pressure supply:7.5 bar max : 6.9m3/min
8. The power cable is enclosed to the inlet power of machine.
9. Hydraulic oil:600L

(2) Description of welding spec:
1. Transformer of welding capacity:1600KVA- A.C×2 sets
2. Inlet power:415V/50Hz/ single phase
3. Power consumption volume:2500~3000Amp (the usage rate of welding 50%)
4. Welding hydraulic cylinder:Ø250 high and low pressure ×2 sets; Ø80 high and low pressure ×2 sets
5. Hydraulic cylinder:30HP Ø3 phase/415V/50Hz
6. Welding method:One time welding (two cross lines will be welded per time) according to the size of workpiece. The welding time is 2~3 seconds per time.
7. Width of grille board:1000mm
8. Length of grille board:6000mm
9. Distance of loading rod :30mm、40mm,two sets of clamping molds will be given for free (according to the instruction of buyer).
10. Size of loading rod :(min size 20mm×3mm) (max size 75mm×6mm)
11. Distance of cross rod:100mm
12. Size of cross rod:(Min size 5.6mm) (Max size 8mm)(tetragonal iron twisting)
13. Steel spec:ASTM A36
14. Production speed:6pcs of boards/hour(width 1M×length 6M)



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