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U6 5 Axex Machining Center

U6 5 Axex Machining Center

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U6 Series Specification
X axis travel: 620mm
Y axis travel: 520mm
Z axis travel: 460 mm
Table Size: Ø650mm

The U6 is a collection model of high-precision, high-speed, high efficiency and high-tech control technology in one, it also has the best cost performance ratio. Its design concept is through a stable standardized machine and high-reliability swivel rotary table integrated structure, B / C axis are equipped with linear scale to improve the precision of machining quality. Its excellent performance is your best choice into the field of five-axis machining.

High efficiency: It equipped with Siemens 840Dsl high-performance controller can be applied from simple to complex five-axis simultaneous machining.
High precision: X/Y/Z three-axis linear guideway + B/C axis to install high-precision linear scale/encoder
B-axis tilting range -90°~+110°
C-axis rotating range 360°
B/C axis table horizontal loading capacity 300KG
High-speed & high-torque spindle: 12,000 rpm direct drive, torque up to 60NM
Large-capacity magazine: Chain-type ATC can load 32 tools

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