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CNC Wire Cut E.D.M.
CNC Wire Cut E.D.M. Hot

Model:TD-45T Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

CNC based reciprocating cooper line high speed CNC Wire Cut E.D.M. is capable of cutting metal materials, tungsten, carbon, molds, sleeves, claws, gears, cams, keys and complicated parts in various shapes. It can also solve the problem of damaged conductors caused by inefficient conduction while cutting parts made of copper, aluminum or stainless steel.

Our CNC Wire Cut E.D.M. is distinct because it works on copper filament. Compared to molybdenum filament, copper filament is cheaper, and more accessible. Therefore, the manufacturing cost can be lowered and profit will thus be increased.

A cutting software HF/HL is used to read image files in Autocad Dxf without the need to edit the program. Cutting can be done on a 1 : 1 scale drawing. Processing image can be drawn on software of HF/HL, and the paths can be adjusted on both right and left side. Besides, you may adjust the amount of discharge. In a word, this machine is easy to operate and easy to understand.

CNC Wire Cut E.D.M.
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