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Automatic Roll Type Hole Punch Machine
Automatic Roll Type Hole Punch Machine

Model:SE-03 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1. Application: the punching of holes of various shapes in plastic fabric, nylon, and other fabric materials.
2. Servo-controlled speeds ranging 5-40M/min with high accuracy for continuous hole punching.
3. Working height: 900mm.
4. Applicable mater roll width: 50-150mm.
5. Feeder type: Rubber rollers in servo-controlled intermittent rotary motion.
6. Punching accuracy of 0.01 mm with few burrs around the cut edge.
7. A distribution board with protectors to Japanese standard.
8. A touchscreen panel for easy operation and maintenance.
9. Special mechanical design for maximum punching force of 2,000Kg and easy maintenance.
10. A complementary drying oven to provide gentle heating at temperatures ranging 35-40 degrees Celsius for shearing force reduction.
11. Pressure sources and power supply required.
12. Optional instruments offered to suit client specification.

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