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Plastic Wood Composite Profile
Extruding Machine

Plastic Wood Composite Profile Extruding Machine

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Attributes of Wood Composite:​
Unique patented techology can be injection and extrusion molded sandwich, finished products has smooth surface and internal micro-bubbles nuclear characteristics, can enhance product value-added.
Products weight loss reached lightweight, whil le reducing the cost of the raw matcrials used.
Reduce the cooling time, improve production effciency.
Reduce the product shrinkage and warpage problem.
Do not use chemical blowing agent will not produce the freon gas of the impact on the environment through the European Union in 2013 disabled 6chemical blowing agent restriction.
Can be used in the nonchemical blowing agents can be added to plastic materials.
If didn't use physical foaming, the function eith general injection molding and extrusion machines are the same original raw materials of chemical blowing agents, can continul use the machine.
Lightweight the Product and Reduce the cost.
Innovation and Huge Progress.

Plastic Wood Composite Profile
Extruding Machine

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