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Exhaust Valve
Exhaust Valve

Model:Equal Tee Exhaust Valve Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

※Temperature should be controlled between -15℃~+100℃; pressure levels restricted at 60bar~16bar
※Comes in L and T-types; allows continuous liquid flow through its three openings. Highly recommended for transportation lines for water or gases, the industrial sector, commercial-use heating systems, mid-pressure public water systems, liquid or gas monitoring systems, and vacuum environments.
※Unique, patented design allows 360-degree turning of the handle for complete control of liquid flow.
※Center portion of the valve is comprised of four-layered, half cone-shaped Teflon plates stacked together. The tight-knit layout of the Teflon plates creates a leak-proof structure that eliminates the need for maintenance
※No future maintenance required due to the uniquely designed seal
For more information on product specs, please download our catalogue – Equal Tee Exhaust Valve

Exhaust Valve
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