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High Frequency Heater

High Frequency Heater

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

- Non-contact instant heating of any metal from high-frequency induction heating sources
-Precise soldering, brazing, thermal expansion and heat treatment for objects
- Ultra High Frequency: 750-1150 KHZ. Power: 4.5 KW, 8.0 KW
- Compact Size: (4.5KW: 275x 75x145mm) (8.0 KW: 542x275x145mm)
- Low Power Consumption: (220 V ± 10% single-phase power supply 20A or 40A)
- Digital Design: Precise adjustment of power and operation time. Set different power and operation time under varied settings: varied or continuous heating and single or multi-stage heating
- Optional high-intensity infrared temperature controller, or thermocouple metal thermometer for heating at constant temperature within set, designated time
- Displays heating frequency, water temperature and total single-time heating time for separate operations
- Complete output and input signal, or automation through external power adjustment (0.5-5V).
- Built-in multi-staged timing output signal; allows control of other automated peripherals
- Equipped with operative, self-diagnosis malfunction signals; can keep logs for future reference
- Modular design for easy maintenance and more stable performance

- Double coiled heating of the same object
- Open-sourced coil
- Can be paired with automated tooling
Fine spring terminal tempering
Terminal wire silver soldering and softening
Toughening of metal sheets, blades and saw tips
Welding of white gold sheet electrode
Micro motor soldering
Copper tube silver base welding
Battery lead plate welding

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