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Model:CSJ-021 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

( 3/8")
Invention patented in TW.DE.JP.UK.USA.....etc.
* Built-in wrench & socket into one convenient makes loseing and tightening easy.
* Ideal for bleeding brake system and hydraulic clutch system without removing the wheels.
* For universal bleeder nipples.
* High quality material internal seal for long life.

JS-120-7K6 6 POINT 7mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-7K12 12 POINT 7mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-8K6 6 POINT 8mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-8K12 12 POINT 8mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-9K6 6 POINT 9mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-9K12 12 POINT 9mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-10K6 6 POINT 10mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-10K12 12 POINT 10mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-11K6 6 POINT 11mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-11K12 12 POINT 11mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-12K6 6 POINT 12mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-12K12 12 POINT 12mm Brake Bleeder
JS-120-3/8"K6 6 POINT 3/8" Brake Bleeder
JS-120-3/8"K12 12 POINT 3/8" Brake Bleeder

Company: CARRITA CO., LTD.
Telephone: 886-4-2251-8609

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